Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"And in the moment, we were infanite"

What better what to introduce myself then sharing a quote from one of my favorite books? The quote in the title is from The Perks of Being a Wallfower. It of course now is out in theaters, and is a great movie. I was so upset that the movie was going to be ruined by producers or a crazy director. This quote is when the main charachter, Charlie, is riding in a car with Sam and Patrick and they are driving thru the tunnel, listening to music and Charlie is having a life changing moment. In that moment he was infinate. I always try to remember things when they are happening, just in case I am having an infinate moment, just like him. Today I had one ( I ran a half marathon today-more on that in a different post. Today is about introductions). I am a full time secretary, going to school and having crazy adventures in dating, being single, my cats Jack and Sam, and creating one jewelry on the side. This here below is me and a few of my favorite things:

From left to right, that is a picture of the Arch from this past year's Veil Prophet Fair on july 4th, me at this year's Gypsy Caravan, a huge flea market that is on memorial day weekend that takes hours to go through, my two cats Jack and Sam, and myself(in the center) and my two best friends celebrating my birthday at the dueling piano bar. We're pretty cool people if I say so. I started this blog to post about my daily life, and to share a little corner of how I live. Sometimes it is pretty funny and random, and sometimes, I admit this, it is pretty boring. Hopefully you like what you see and come back to see more, if not just laugh at some of my daily randomness. Sarah=)

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