Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days Day 13- Something I Am Proud Of

Today's topic is something that I am proud of. There are several things I am proud of(not to sound full of myself), but the most recent thing I am proud of most is losing 60 lbs. I started in march of 2011, and reached my goal almost exactly a year later in march of 2012. I have always been overweight, and was fine with that most of my life. But in march of 2011, I saw a recent picture of myself and didn't like the way I looked.I was uncomfortable in my own skin. And noticing that my work pants were too tight, I realized I would either have to buy new pants for work, or lose weight. Not wanting to see that higher number, thru the urging my of best friend, I joined Weight Watchers. I may have done the work to lose weight, but I owe getting me to the meetings to her. Have I mentioned how much I love her yet?;) I hadn't realized quite how much I had put on until I had to take it off.

L-R My Dad and I downtown at the Arch, and my Dad and I on my porch the night before I hit my goal weight.
I am happy to say that eight months later I am still below my goal weight. I have completed a half marathong(which I never personally could have done before losing the weight), and feel much healthier and comfortable with myself.

 What about you? What is something that you are proud of?

If you would like to play along in the series of questions, you can find the list of days and topics HERE, and if you tweet your answers, or want to look up people playing along, use the hashtag #30dayshathnovember.



  1. Wow.. Impressive! That takes A LOT of determination and hard work! Congratulation =D

    1. Thanks! It's a struggle, I tell you. Especially around the holidays!

  2. wow wow wow!!! You lost 60 lbs?! that is a lot, AND you look so amazing! and i'm so glad you're feeling so much better and happier. wow, that is seriously impressive. well done, dear.

    hmm.. i feel so lame, i'm not sure if there's anything i've done recently that i'm proud of. lol. i'll have to get back to you?

    congrats again, dear. hope you're well.

    xox amber

    1. Thanks! Lots of people I haveb't seen in awhile don't recognize me! I'm sure there is something that you are proud of recently, even if its just finishing the laundry! I definitely think thats an accomplishment, haha.



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