Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thirty Days Day 06- A Book I'm Reading

These days it seems like I don't have the time to read anything other than paperwork at my job, or my book for my class, or online for my class. Did I mention homework? I thought it might need to be repeated just one more time. A book that I have been reading the last few weeks was this one:

It is called You're a Horrible Person, But I Like You ( You can buy it HERE ). It is a collection of advice asked to celebrities(mostly comedians). The book so far is just eh, but I figure with people writing in it such as Aziz Ansari, Judd Aptow, Fred Armisen, Michael Cera, Rainn Wilson, and a million other seriously funny people, it has to get  better soon, right? I would say it is a book to get from the library, but definitely not one to buy unless it is discounted. What are you reading right now?

If you want to join in comment below, or on twitter using the hashtag #30dayshathnovember . If you want to join in the blogging fun, you can find the rest of the list of questions for the month HERE .


  1. This sounds like a great book I think I will check it out. Your blog is cute. You have an Etsy shop? Me too :)

    1. Its getting funnier. Definitely give it a try. I'll be sure to check out your shop!



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