Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days Day 15- Three Blogs I Follow

I am relatively new to the blogging world. About two years ago, I happened to google something, and discovered A Beautiful Mess. I spent about two hours reading post after post after post. I loved it so much that I drove from St. Louis to Springfield(Missouri) to visit their shop Red Velvet. A Beautiful Mess linked me to other blogs, and more blogs, and more blogs. And then I discovered bloglovin, and now spend WAY too much time reading blogs daily. But it is something I love to do. I find great inspiration in the inspiration of others, and how people live from all over the country, and the world. For today's post, I am writing about three blogs that I follow. Well, believe me, it is HARD to find just three to talk about. So I will write about the three that I read first as soon as I log in to bloglovin.

1. A Beautiful Mess

For those who do not know about this blog, it is written by two lovely sisters Emma and Elsie, with posts by several other bloggers including Rachel of Smile and Wave, Katie of Skunkboy, and Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey. They blog on fashion, crafts, decorating, recipes, photography, and pretty much everything else cool.

2. Delightfully Tacky

I am not sure how or where I found this blog, but I remember instantly wishing I had Elizabeth's, the writer of Delightfully Tacky, hair. Thick, curly, pretty, long hair(which is not a little shorter, but still gorgeous). As I read her blog, though, I realized she is much much more than a pretty head of hair. She has great style, that seems pretty effortless. She is great at designing websites, and shares insightful views on the world today. She seems like somebody that I would like to be friends with if we lived in the same town.

3. Hems For Her

I believe I started to follow this blog when Katie did a guest post on another blog. I immediately loved her personality, and her fashion sense. She is pretty funny. I wish I had her style! She started her blog to show women that curvy can be stylish, and she definitely achieves it!

What are blogs that you love?

If you would like to play along in the series of questions, you can find the list of days and topics HERE, and if you tweet your answers, or want to look up people playing along, use the hashtag #30dayshathnovember.



  1. A Beautiful Mess is such an inspirational blog! Even though she has "made it," she is constantly writing inspirational posts.

    I haven't heard of Hems for Her. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hems for Her is a great one!

      And I agree, ABM is pretty awesome. I love hearing about her ideas! I've visited her store and its pretty cool.

  2. I adore Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! She has such a quirky style and she looks great no matter how many crazy prints and colors she mixes together. :)


  3. I nominated you for an award!

  4. A Beautiful Mess is one of the first blogs I found too! I think their blog has helped me to remember my personal focus on my blog. :) I have found so many awesome blogs through them. I like Delightfully Tacky as well, and will definitely be checking out Hems for Her now :)

    1. Definitely is helping me stay focused on my blog! I am going to buy the blog ebook from them soon.

  5. I read ABM daily, and I have gone back to read every single post of Elsie's. She is such an incredible inspiration!

    1. I did that, too! One afternoon I went back almost three years!


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