Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days, Day 18- What I Wore Today

Hey! How was your weekend everyone? I am a day late on this, but here is my day 18. Today I was doing a little photo shoot for my etsy shop, so I wasn't wearing anything too spectacular. This is actually one of my work shirts-I have to wear plain long sleeve shirts and khaki pants. Not super fun clothes. But it was white and had the right neckline, plus is was warm. It was a little chilly outside yesterday.

That was me being a dork, jumping up in the air because I was done taking pictures. If I only knew a ton of editing was to follow.

If you would like to play along in the series of questions, you can find the list of days and topics HERE, and if you tweet your answers, or want to look up people playing along, use the hashtag #30dayshathnovember.

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