Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Look At Owl Eye Vintage

I started this blog to help promote my line of jewelry Owl Eye Vintage. I have been been sharing about myself, and getting to know others, so I figured I would take a minute to share a few of my pieces of jewelry that I sell. The link to my shop is above in the navigation bar, but its easier to look here first.=)

L-R Peacock Necklace, Vintage Rose Hairpins, Colbolt Blue Hairpins, Antique Rose Pendant

Colored Hairpins, Antique Rose and Key Dangle Earrings

Antique Rose Necklace, Antique Bronze Key Dangle Earrings, Green Dangle Earrings

Yellow & Green Cameo Dangle Earrings, Red Rose Hairpins, Vintage Yellow Rose Hairpins, Yellow Cameo Earrings

Hope you like them! You can find them for sale HERE . Thanks for checking them out!



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