Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thirty Days Day 08- Three Inspirational Quotes

I have a few quotes that I have been trying to live by lately. Sometimes I have to repeat them to myself on days I want to give up, or am tired, or being lazy. Here is the first one:

This is something I try to remember so much, it is the screensaver for my phone. And I look at that constantly, so I can't forget this one. Especially days I get home and want to do nothing but watch a marathon of Gilmore Girls on DVD instead of doing homework, or working on my jewelry (which can be found at the link above next to the About Me section). As far as I know, it has an unknown author, but if anyone knows it let me know so I can credit them!
The next one is one from Albert Einstein:
I liked this one so much when I first read it that I printed out and framed it for the patients at my work. I will never be as smart in math as some people, or be able to play guitar as well as, well any famour guitarist, but everyone is good at something. It reminds me that just because I am not perfect at one thing, doesn't mean I can't excel at something else. And if I haven't found it yet, it just means I need to keep looking for it and trying new things.
And the last one is my personal mantra:

I try to keep a positive attitude about things. Don't get me wrong, I have bad days. Times when I am upset. But I found staying happy and letting things roll off of me keeps the days going better, and keeps me feeling better and younger. What are quotes that you love? Leave me a comment below, or reply on twitter with the hashtag #30dayshathnovember. Want to join in? Find the complete list of questions HERE. 

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  1. so inspiring. i love that first quote. it pertains to me so much, because i always start projects and never finish them. i'm really easily discouraged. i'm going to try and live by that quote for the next... well, forever! lol!

    i generally keep a positive outlook on things, too, but i'm just really hard on myself sometimes, and then other times i get this paranoid feeling that my friends and family are judging me. i don't know. lol, it's weird!

    great post :) thank you for the inspiration!

    xox, amber


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